TI84 Calculator: Your Best Friend

Your TI84 Calculator is the most powerful tool you have available to deal with Math in your standardized testing!

Knowing what the calculator can do will allow you to be fast, efficient and error free.

In this short course, you will learn how to have your TI84 Calculator work with fractions, mixed numbers, absolute values, matrices, variable-base logs, permutation, combinations, inequalities graphing, built-in growth and decay applications, and much more...

You will work through about 2 hours of interactive practice material and then test your new mastery on the skills achievement test!


1 registration entitles you to 48 hours of access to tutorials, handouts & 

a skills achievement test with full explanations!

Valid for the following calculators:

  • Texas Instruments TI84+ (Black & White LCD display, black body)
  • Texas Instruments TI84+ Silver Edition (Black & White LCD display, grey or colored body)
  • Texas Instruments TI84+ CE (Color LED Display, slimline form, many color options)