StepUp: LSAT

Take the stress out of LSAT!  

Learn to prep so that you can maximize your score!  

StepUp has a unique, simple, argument-based critical thinking approach that easily dispenses with all the analysis and gets you to the right answers quickly and efficiently.

Learn the basics of formal logic, develop a manageable step-by-step approach to each question type, build your section strategy and aim for the LSAT score you want!

This 35 hour long course includes all content, strategy and approach skill building. 

Take the full course or take the mini-course bundles for the individual skills of 

Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension.

In addition, the course includes complimentary analysis of up to 10 LSAT PrepTests that you can self-administer using either of the two most recent LSAT compilation books that you own.

Step up to test success!

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