A Proven Formula for Test Success


State-of-the-Art Approach

StepUpPrep offers you a unique, critical-skills based approach to preparing for all of your testing. 

  • Know and understand the test so you can exploit that knowledge for maximum score.
  • Develop and hone your basic skills so you can be quick and efficient.
  • Create a test approach and design your own test-taking strategy for complete test success!


Highly Qualified Educators

Our instructors and curriculum designers have years of experience with the test.  The approaches and explanations are clear, thorough and demonstrate the exceptional familiarity with the material.

Your success is their success, so we want the best scores possible for you!!


Wide Variety of Courses

StepUp to the TI84 Calculator and maximize your use of this super effective tool both in school as well as on standardized tests

StepUp to SAT and ace the College Application process

StepUp to LSAT and rise above the crowd in Law School Admissions!

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Course Catalog

StepUp: TI84 Calculator

StepUp and become the master of your TI84 Calculator.  Learn the native calculator functionality that will help you ace the Math portion of your standardized tests - and ace your academic Math assigments as well!

StepUp: SAT

StepUp and learn the keys to SAT success with our unique critical thinking skills-based approach.  Develop your own approach to highlight your strengths and maximize your score!  COMING SOON

StepUp: LSAT

StepUp and learn how to manage LSAT test prep. Forget all those overly-complicated approaches you see on line! Understand the test itself, learn the basic of argumentation and build your own test approach that maximizes your LSAT score!

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